Our Partners
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Our Partners


For the past 25 years Aish UK has aimed to inspire a deeper connection to Judaism and to ensure a vibrant future for the Jewish people. Through diverse educational opportunities, immersive experiences and enduring relationships they share the wisdom and beauty of Jewish faith, practice and community – connecting with as many young Jews as they can, whatever their background, from when they are about to leave home until they build their own.

Aish UK operates 8 full time branches and provides educational opportunities at over 18 schools, 15 universities and 6 young professional hubs around the country, reaching and impacting thousands of young Jews each year. They also distribute educational and video content through magazine publications, online and social media.


Seed provides adult and family Jewish education across the UK through formal study and informal experiences. We aim to strengthen the family through positive Jewish encounters and by sharing the richness of Jewish life, learning and values.

For over three decades, seed has been at the forefront of adult education, catering particularly (but not exclusively) for parents of young children. seed offers a sophisticated, authentic and contemporary knowledge of Judaism, Jewish living and the Jewish family.

Our wide range of programmes are run in many locations across the UK including schools, synagogues, homes, and our own venues in Edgware and Manchester.

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Olami is a global community of organisations committed to inspiring young adults to achieve their Jewish greatness. Olami is made up of 320 organisations from 28 countries around the world. They believe that Jewish teachings and values enable each Jew to reach their inner potential, to achieve their greatness.